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How long will it take to make?

It takes about one week between receiving your order and the crystal being finished

How do I pay ?

Online orders *direct bank payments can be made (banking details will be emailed on receipt of order) In person * cash payments accepted Unfortunately we do not accept cheques or money orders

Are there other crystal shapes and sizes ?

We update the cyrstal range regularly, so please keep an eye out for new items. Please email us any particular size and shape requests and we will attempt to source these for you.

How do I get my picture to you ?

Digital Photos * attach the digital image to your email when orderingNon digital images ( photos or slides)* scan your image and the attach to your email when ordering* post your photos/ images to us and we will scan them (photos will be returned with your crystal)Do you live in Rockhampton?* bring them to us at the Kern Arcade Markets ( Sunday 7am - noon)

My order is a gift

We are happy to offer a free gift wrapping service (paper).Please specifiy a favourite colour or theme and we will do our best to accomodate.

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